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Good food should be about, well, good food and friends to share it with, not necessarily expensive cutlery or amazing views!

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...dinner for upto 8 guests featuring a surprise menu of 7 courses depending on the chef's mood, weather or quite simply - what’s available in the market. All dinners (excluding wine) take place on Saturday and Sunday evenings in Sydney's Inner West.

about the chef
After having spent a year in the land of baguettes, cheeses and wine aka France our chef returned to Sydney with a Le Cordon Bleu Le Grand Diplôme and a stage at the 3 Michelin starred, 11th best restaurant in the world (2009) - L'Astrance. To him a Sunday food market in the streets of Paris is more exciting than a day at the Louvre; trip to the Champagne region more exciting than a trip up the Eiffel and the smell and crunch of a freshly baked 85c baguette more spell binding than the numerous perfume bottles at L'Occitane!

Drop us a line at contact@jaune.com.au to request a reservation and advise of any dietary requirements and your prefered date - we then send you a confirmation with address details, easy!

Any products you are proud of or wine you think will go down well with our French inspired dinners, feel free to send us an email at contact@jaune.com.au.