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Génoise (genoise sponge)

Prep time: 30 mins
Baking time: approx 30 mins plus cooling
Level: Pretty easy, read on you'll know why I say its easy!

150g eggs
40g egg yolks
120g caster sugar
120g all-purpose flour
20g butter, melted
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (or 1/2 vanilla pod)

Summary - I hate recipes that get straight into the steps. Why cant they give a summary of how it all comes together, easier to visualise then, isnt it? Ill give it a crack here - first we want to pre-heat our ovens so that we dont have to wait for the oven to warm up once the batter is ready. You see the dessert world requires careful planning more than anything!
    Génoise (genoise sponge)
So 3 components need to be prepared before combining them - flour in one bowl, eggs/egg yolks and sugar in another and butter in the third. Once they have been prep'd, its simply a matter of combining them (gently!) and then into the baking pan and finally oven! Now that you have the overall picture in your mind lets get started...

1 So lets make sure our oven is set to 170°C (and conventional mode if your oven has it). Next get your baking pan and spray it with some oil spray (or like I did rub some oil on your hands and grease the pan). Then line the pan with baking paper.

2 Next weigh out all the ingredients - flour in one bowl, sugar in another and egg/egg yolks in a third bowl. Butter you can weigh straight in the pan you will use to melt it. Saves on doing the dishes...

3 Before we get playing with our ingredients lets setup a water bath (or bain-marie) - get a pan in which we can snuggly fit our egg bowl. Fill this pan with water (enough so that it does NOT touch the egg bowl) and bring to a simmer.

4 First up is the flour - we need to remove any lumps...for this use a whisk or a sieve, whatever you have handy.

5 Next melt the butter and keep it off heat ready to be mixed.

6 Third step is the eggs. Oh and if you are using vanilla (seeds in case of pod or paste) add this to the egg bowl. Now and only now add sugar to the eggs and start whisking for approx ten seconds. Then fit this bowl onto your water bath and continue whisking (...and do NOT leave to answer the phone!). Whisk till the egg batter is HOT to the touch.

7 Then move the egg bowl off heat, switch off the gas and continue whisking till the ribbon stage (approx 3-5 minutes).

8 Once it has reached the ribbon stage, work quick - add all flour to the egg batter and fold a 2-3 times to get it going. Then get some of this flour/egg mixture and add to butter pan. Mix around well and put back in flour/egg mixure. Fold till most flour specks are gone.

9 Pour into the baking pan and straight into the oven. Now wasn't that easy...25-30 minutes and your genoise spone is ready. And ofcourse the good old skewer test...if it comes out clean then its done!

10 Serve with some strawberries and whipped cream...yee yee!