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"Brilliant evening! Great to see such a nice approach to communal eating. " - Michael Lloyd
"The food was amazing - the tastiest food that I've had. I loved the way Jaune has experimented with food to create amazing taste sensations. The evening was very enjoyable." - Jenia Ratcliffe
"A must to do during the food festival." - David Howrath
"Had a wonderful evening. Entertaining and informative, relaxed atmosphere, no fuss. Inventive and accomplished cooking. Good mix of flavours, fresh ingredients. I was ready to give up on Sydney fine dining but this has restored my entusiasm. Would highly recommend." - anonymous
"The evening was delightful - excellent group of people. The food was delicious, well balanced, flavours exploded in your mouth. The right combinations, unusual ingredients and combinations. Cannot fault it. At first apprehensive but the night turned out unforgetable." - Carl Blossom
"Creative approach to food, interesting techniques and combinations. Your respect for fresh produce shines through - congratulations." - Karen Lateo
"Really interesting, yummy and unpretentious food. Atmosphere was nice and casual and liked that chef and maitre'd kept things light and funny. Would definitely come back again!" - anonymous
"Beautiful food, lovely night. Torn between telling all my friends and keeping it to myself." - Deborah Mosman
"Had a wonderful experience enjoying fine food at such a laid back, casual and friendly atmosphere...you better open a restaurant" - Emily Leung
"Unexpectedly spectacular! I was yet to eat food like this in Sydney... please open a restaurant and I will work for food! Loved it!" - Kimberley McGregor
"The food was just amazing! A real French style experience, great food talk! And inspirational tips! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just great!" - Sandra Otto
"Really enjoyed it, didnt know what to expect but delicious food and a great group. Loved the concept - not knowing where we're going and having no control over the experience yet feeling 100% comfortable and happy!" - anonymous
"Loved the pop-up concept! Love the fresh ingredients, especially stuff from the garden. " - anonymous
"Loved it! Fun! Food amazing! Price great! Bit unsecure coing here though. Loved the secrecy, keep unknown untill day before. Thank you. " - Katie McCracken
"Love the idea of secret 'location' mystery dinner, concept of sitting with new people. Overall the food was enjoyable, no misses at all for me." - anonymous
"Fantastic food - really top notch. Well done!" - anonymous
"Thanks for making my taste buds dance!" - Mamta Aulukh
"Amazing food coupled with great hospitality. Each of the seven course degustation was well presented and tasted great. Would compete with any "hatted" restaurant. Pork belly was out of this world and deserves to be the signature dish. Cannot wait to come back to enjoy the French feast." - Sukhdeep Aulukh
"Refreshing, vibrant and playful dinner. You have good flavour profiles and exection. I really enjoyed your cooking wih new gadgets and techniques." - anonymous
"...the corn puree was to die for" - raymond